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Ring Around The Rosies - The Black Plague by lalarose311 Ring Around The Rosies - The Black Plague :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 2 0 Grayscale by lalarose311 Grayscale :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 0 16 I got mah hood on lol XD  by lalarose311 I got mah hood on lol XD :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 1 53 Me and my Shinedown hoodie  by lalarose311 Me and my Shinedown hoodie :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 1 8 Good Night lol XD idk by lalarose311 Good Night lol XD idk :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 1 26
Was It Meant To Be? Eli's P.O.V.
After we left the school, we went into the woods. "Eli, do you know the story about my house, because when I first met you, you looked like you've been there before, like you've been inside it so many times, " Grace asked. "Well, to tell you the truth, me and my parents used to live there," I said nervously.  Grace nodded and frowned.
"What about Brute and Ellie, were they you're pets, how do they talk, sorry, I'm asking so many questions," she said shyly. "No, no it's okay. Well after I ... uh ... you know, "I kinda pointed at myself, Grace nodded like she understood, "I found them and they was already dead. When they died, their spirits somehow got human personalities. So that's how they talk. I guess the sport world doesn't matter who talks and who doesn't,"I kinda laughed.  "Yeah, you should see me catching mice, they never shut up," Ellie spoke up. "Like somebody we know,"Brute said chuckling.Ellie glared at him.
We looked near the river. We looked in every old barn, sha
:iconlalarose311:lalarose311 2 0
Why Isn't There New Chapters?!
Some of you may or may not  know that this story is about romance and horror.
:iconlalarose311:lalarose311 0 2
KoRn baby onesie by lalarose311 KoRn baby onesie :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 3 14 My deviant user design by lalarose311 My deviant user design :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 4 131 Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee by lalarose311 Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 3 16 Amy Lee from Evanescence by lalarose311 Amy Lee from Evanescence :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 3 19 GET STUPIFIED!!!! by lalarose311 GET STUPIFIED!!!! :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 5 24 The Crow and the Butterfly by lalarose311 The Crow and the Butterfly :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 2 0 Black,blue, and red color abstract by lalarose311 Black,blue, and red color abstract :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 3 0 My Immortal by lalarose311 My Immortal :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 3 4 Chinese dreamcatcher by lalarose311 Chinese dreamcatcher :iconlalarose311:lalarose311 3 2


I am sorry by sweetbutterflyeffect I am sorry :iconsweetbutterflyeffect:sweetbutterflyeffect 4 0 Jonathan by WaChuLeRuXx Jonathan :iconwachuleruxx:WaChuLeRuXx 17 10 Jon 4 by hiv1994 Jon 4 :iconhiv1994:hiv1994 3 0 Kornmemorabilia image 1 by hiv1994 Kornmemorabilia image 1 :iconhiv1994:hiv1994 10 3 1376519 524707497605162 1889109962 N by hiv1994 1376519 524707497605162 1889109962 N :iconhiv1994:hiv1994 1 0 Hivtitle by hiv1994 Hivtitle :iconhiv1994:hiv1994 1 0 Jon by hiv1994 Jon :iconhiv1994:hiv1994 6 4 Gravity Falls by Pasuteru-Usagi Gravity Falls :iconpasuteru-usagi:Pasuteru-Usagi 2,900 99 Gravity Falls by forte-girl7 Gravity Falls :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 2,050 80
The Rugrats, All Grown Up: Coco Returns part 3
"No, that's not it either, that's Christmas morning, around when Kimi joined the gang" Tommy said, as they saw a video of the gang as two-year olds (Dil being only one year old) at their parent's old cabin time-share.
Phil looked at all the DVD's and video-tapes and groaned in exasperation.
"We've watched over 20 of these, how the hell are we gonna find it?!" he said.
Kimi added another label to the video-tape Phil handed her (why not help Tommy's parents out and label them, in case they wanted to watch these in the future?)
That's when Tommy noticed something. He reached into the box and found an old, dust-covered tape. He wiped it off and discovered that, out of all of these tapes, THIS one had a label, but on the top and not the side.
'Chaz's wedding' was written on it, in Didi's writing.
Tommy showed them that, but most of them shook their heads.
"It could just be my mom and Chaz's wedding" Kimi told him.
Tommy nodded until Phil found something. One of the DVD cases had a picture o
:iconfanfics4ever:fanfics4ever 15 9
The Rugrats, All Grown Up: Coco Returns part 2
The representative was a bit confused at the sudden silence.
"Vhat? Vhat is ze problem, jou look like jou 'ave seen a ghost" she said.
Kira and Chaz both glared.
"Oh, I wish it was a ghost, Miss La Bouche!" Kira said, as Lil and Phil helped her with the stuff she had dropped.
Again, she was confused.
"'Ow do jou know my name? I 'aven't said-"
But then she began to recognize them.
"Kee-ra?" she said, looking at her as she stood up straight.
She turned to Chaz.
"Charles Feen-stare?" she said, pointing at him.
He nodded, but glared as well.
"Oh, it 'as been AGES, 'ow are jou both do-eeng?" she said.
"Very well, until we saw you again, Coco!" Chaz said rudely.
All the teens (minus Angelica) had no clue what was going on and why Chaz and Kira were being so rude to this woman.
Coco looked taken aback.
"Jou two are steel 'olding on to vhat 'appened all zose year ago?" she asked.
Chaz and Kira nodded.
"Not like we can forget it, you nearly ruined our lives!" Chaz said.
Coco shook her head.
:iconfanfics4ever:fanfics4ever 15 5
Beanieplier (Markiplier) by Shuploc Beanieplier (Markiplier) :iconshuploc:Shuploc 912 46
Angelicas Diary NO.2
Dear Diary,
Hi its me Angelica again. Today was Chuckies birthday. I went to aunt DiDis and uncle Stus for his party. I even wore my special party dress.
But daddy wore black and mommy was gone to work again. Mommy is always gone until late at night. Anyway today was chuckies birthday. But when me and daddy left our house, daddy wore all black. And when I got to uncle stus, mr finster was there, and the devilles were there.
But everyone was wearing black. And everyone, especially Mr. Finster, was crying. I don't know why he was crying on his sons birthday.
I went into the playpen with the babies. We had a adventure for Chuckies birthday. We all turned into butterflies, but I was a queen because im the princess.  But phil got my pretty dress all dirty and I got so mad. I yelled at the babies. And they left and didn't come back. I don't know where they went. I looked all over the house but I still couldn't find them.
So I just played with Cynthia until it was time for me and da
:iconxxanimeemoangelxx:XxAnimeEmoAngelXx 23 16
Angelicas Diary NO.1
Dear Diary,
My name is Angelica Pickles. My daddy got this new computer and said I could have it. Im 3 years old but im smart. I know how to read and write so I can write this. Im his little princess.
Everyday me and my daddy go to see my uncle Stu and my aunt DiDi. They have a little boy, his name is Tommy. Sometimes I go with them to a place that has a lot of rocks sticking up from the ground. We go to one that says Tommy Pickles. I don't know why his name is on the rock because he is always playing with me at his house. But aunt Didi is always sad and uncle Stu is always in the room under the house making toys for Tommy.
Sometimes Chaz Finster comes over. He's jittery and shaky a lot. But he brings his son Chuckie over to play with me and Tommy. Chuckie doesn't have a mommy. When I go to the rock place with uncle stu and aunt didi, we go see another rock that says Chuckie Finster on it. I still don't know why though. I play with chuckie all the time.
Then theres Phil and Lil, theyre
:iconxxanimeemoangelxx:XxAnimeEmoAngelXx 42 9
Rugrats Theory- Chapter 5
'So..Aunt DiDis having a baby? I will finally have someone new to play with? Im so happy right now..what about the babies? Will they like our new playmate? Will the new baby listen to me like the others?' Angelica thought as months and months went by. Everyone seemed to be alot happier than before. Its difficult to explain but..their smiles didnt seem fake. Everyone had a certain glow to them. Even the babies were excited. Their adventures continued. Spike sometimes joined them too! Its hard when they babies didnt listen..whenever Angelica got mad, they just vanished into thin air. She never thought anything of it though.
Finally the wait was up. The baby was finally here! When Angelica finally got to see him, she smiled. "He looks just like Tommy Uncle Stu." Then silence just filled the room. An unspeakable cold entered. Angelica saw her baby friends but didnt say anything.
"My world is perfect... Nothing can go wrong now.."
:iconxxanimeemoangelxx:XxAnimeEmoAngelXx 31 10
Rugrats Theory Eng Lyrics
I think the world is so wonderful (The world is wonderful)
And we only have one chance to be here,
So tell me why you're hurting yourself?
I guess I just do not understand (What's the meaning of life?)
Everything I've been told I believe,
And yet people that I love just leave
Is something bothering you a lot? (Bothering you a lot?)
I think I'm old enough to understand,
So there's no reason to hide from me
I know you said that you're not lying… (And well maybe that's true…)
So I'll push away any doubt I have...
Because I know you will tell the truth
Right, Cynthia?
Welcome to my perfect world,
According to Angelica!
It's my turn to run the show!
Next to Cynthia~!
With Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil,
I'll never feel alone…
So we can play games all day long,
While the Earth is spinning…
Round and round and round and round and round and round,
While the Earth is spinning
Welcome to my wonderland,
With new adventures everywhere
As long everything's the same,
I will be okay
:iconalice-humansacrifice:Alice-HumanSacrifice 27 5



My baby brother, Desmond is here!! He was born yesterday.
Ring Around The Rosies - The Black Plague
Ring Around The Tories is actually about the the Black Plague. Patients wore these masks, after they died, peple put roses and posies in the masks and pockets of the Plague patients.
Me and my Shinedown hoodie
I love this band so much. My favorite song is either Second Chance or Call Me.

What's your favorites? :D
    I'm so excited about this afternoon! I saw Eli, outside from the Biology window, I waved at him and he waved back. After Biology, came lunch. As I came into the lunch room, I saw Brenda, she waved at me to come sit next to her. As I got to our table, Brenda said "Sit down, Buddie." I laughed as I sat down next to her. I opened my bagged lunch, I got out an apple, water, yogurt, and a cheese sandwich. "Good choice," Brenda said in approval of my lunch.

    Me and Brenda joked and talked about different stuff. I didn't mention here about Eli, I didn't want to freak her out. "So, what was L.A. like," Brenda asked. "Well, it was always warm, but we've had some really rainy days though," I said as I took a bite of my apple. "Did you ever meet any movie stars," Brenda asked excitedly. "Nah, we didn't even live close to the Walk of Fame," I said laughing. Brenda laughed too.

    After lunch, I went to my next class, Art. I love Art class. Even the teacher is nice. Her name's Mrs. Lewis. She looks like she's in her mid-thirties. She tells us to be creative, use our minds, and use bold colors. She treats me like I'm somebody, instead of a nobody. All of the other, teachers thin I'm just another kid in their class and Britney gets all the glory.

    "You're doing very well, Grace, I like your shading," Mrs, Lewis said as she came to my workstation. "Thank you, Mrs. Lewis," I said with a smile. After Art, I go to my last class, Geometry. I'm pretty good at it. But the teacher is so boring. Almost everybody in the class looks like they might fall asleep. His name is too hard to pronounce, and his voice sounds so slow, it takes forever to learn the lesson.

"Alright class, this coming Friday, we will be having a pop quiz, so be sure to study hard," he said in his slow tone. There is sighs and grumbles around the room. At least I've been studying already. After Geometry, I make my way through big crowds of people and make my way to the back side of the school.

    "Eli, are you here," I whisper. "Here," Eli said. I gasped a little because he was behind me when he said. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," he said as his face turned a light shade of red. "It's okay, it was just unexpected," I said as I laughed to make him feel better.

    "Aww, and who are these cute animals," I say as look at the dog and the cat. "Well, thank you for the compliment, my name is Ellie and this old dog is Brute," the cat said. I just looked at them. "Did that cat just talks," I asked Eli. Before Eli could speak, Brute the dog spoke up. "Yes she did and she cannot stop talking sometimes," he said with a chuckle.

    "Oookay, where do we start looking," I said awkwardly. "Well, I guess the river," Eli said. "Well, let's get started," I said excitedly.


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larissa grace elswick
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Hi! My name is lalarose311 aka Larissa. I love drawing,writing,singing,and making videos. I also love making people laugh and feel good. Art has always been there for me and writing too. I'm just a funny , crazy, artistic girl who loves to have fun. I hope you like my art and give me a watch, and if you do, I'll send you one back ;).

Be sure to subscribe to me on Youtube :) and if you have any questions you can put them here on dA and Facebook. ;)


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